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The “3Q” You Need to Ask Before Select the Best Hybrid Event Platform

A quick question for you: do you believe an entrepreneur begins their business with simple thinking and framework? Well, we believe the majority of the fundamental responses will be “NO.” Do you agree with us that they should conduct some research before starting their business?

When it comes to the event sector, our valued customers will undoubtedly seek the most efficient and appropriate platform for their hybrid event. Not to mention, choosing the correct hybrid event platform for your forthcoming hybrid event will help you achieve great success. So, what are the specifications for the “SUITABLE” hybrid event platform? Here are the 3Q you should ask yourself before making a decision:

First and foremost: Is it Simple to Use?

NO ONE likes complicated things, and as event planners, we try to keep things as simple as possible while yet being creative enough for our clients. Same as the one who chose the platform, what they need is a clean, user-friendly interface. Most likely, the most impactful event experiences may be developed more readily when the platform is chosen right. So, before you choose a hybrid event platform, the first necessity will be to choose a platform that is simple to use.

Secondly: Are the Features Adequate to Support a Large Audience Engagement?

Hybrid events are a mix of live and virtual events. A speaker’s interaction with the audience might be difficult at times. It is undeniably a major difficulty when both live and virtual parties are involved. So, consider this: choosing a hybrid event platform with appropriate technology for your event is critical. In most cases, hybrid platforms will include live chat, Q&A elements, polls and surveys, a networking lounge, and other features. Before you select the specific hybrid platform provider, ask yourself  “do the features enough for me to connect both sides of the audience?”. In a nutshell, not all the features provided are the “must” used for the hybrid event, so what you need is to find out the most comfortable features for your attendees!

Last but not least: Is It Possible to Personalize it?

Now you might want to see if the platform allows for customization. Landing pages, registration forms, and email confirmation are some of the customization choices. As a result, when virtual attendees log in to your event pages, they will have a different experience, and this hybrid event will provide them with a unique event experience.

To create a great experience for your audiences, you need to start by choosing the right platform. When talking about the hybrid event, it comes with two packs of audiences (live & online). So, if you are not going to disappoint them, how about starting to survey the most suitable platform now!

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