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The 6 Communication Guidelines for You to Run a Memorable Event

Communication is kind of like a foundation in our life. We cannot guarantee you after the communication, everything will go well. But since communication is the essential component of interpersonal interaction, it is undeniable that it will help to express someone’s thoughts. Now, when you are planning an event, it becomes crucial. If there is no internal and external communication between event planners, team players, and clients, for sure, everything will be in chaos and go wrong. This article will show you the 6 guides of communication for you to run a memorable event. 

#01 Use the Right Event Platform to Communicate

Before someone makes a complaint regarding a product, he/she might need to reach the right person in charge (PIC). Same to be said, before you want to communicate with your target attendees for the event, you will need a platform first. Over these few years, in-person events are on hold and replaced by virtual/hybrid events. Hence, the need for an event platform is in high demand. 

But the fact that we can’t deny is when a client or even the participants feel that the platform chosen was not that user-friendly or consisted of many tech operations steps/issues, then the event get easier to drop off. This is why we said, if you’re seeking successful communication strategies in your event management, try to seek the appropriate event platform first.

#02 Keep Communicating to Build the Pre-Event Presence

A question for you: do you still remember what you have received from the mailbox last week? Usually, our answer will be “I don’t remember”. Why? Because the message is not attractive, the message is not important, but mostly is because the message is not “active”. 

You can react actively by sending the reminder through email or other channels. This is what a professional event planner will do, it is an effective communication strategy. Before the meeting, we might set up the reminder in Google Calendar; before the event date, we can send the email reminder to attendees too. Now, here is a reminder for you who are watching this article: never be afraid to reach your target parties regularly with practical information (including an event reminder!).

#03 Internal Communication

Internal communication is important for the upcoming event. It includes a briefing or meeting. We always said that an event can’t be successful without great teamwork between the team members. The team players are the base for an excellent event. Having a pre-event briefing can assist the team to be more familiar with the event rundown; an internal post-mortem also helps in guaranteeing that future events run smoothly. So, communicating wisely with the team players will benefit your upcoming events, not limited to, your organization’s profits as well.

#04 Utilize Social Media to Communicate 

Whether it is a live, virtual or hybrid event; no matter if it is a pre, ongoing, or post-event, as long as it is a public event, it needs to be promoted. Promoting through social media is a kind of communication, and it is the fittest way to communicate with your targeted public group. When mentioning effective communication strategies in social media, you will need to prepare attractive captions along with your high-quality event photos. 

#05 Preparing Event Gifts

You might be curious why an effective communication method in event management needs a gift to support. It is because valuable gifts can give a different sense of your event to the attendees. Through the customized gifts, your attendees might get the meaning behind the event. So, you are communicating with your attendees in such a special way!

#06 Event Services Feedback Form

In the post-event period, as a professional event organizer, you will need feedback from your clients. This is considered the last communication step in your event. Ask them the rating of the event services provided, the team performance, the rate of satisfaction, etc. Through the survey, event planners will know whether their efforts paid off in the past few weeks are recognized by the clients or not. If there are any issues raised, try to communicate again with clients in a proper tone. Those will be the essential information for upgrading your organization’s performance level in the future.

#Final Tips!

Communication stimulates the feeling of respect, care, and love. So, no matter who you are communicating with, try to be patient and use the proper tone. However, if you are communicating with professional parties or clients, your tone can be polite, formal, and even can add some positive elements to your communication.

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