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The Fastest Way To Lose Your Virtual Conference Attendees

“Oh! It’s another online meeting again.”

I believe everyone probably gets this thought at least once before. 

After shirting to remote working, the weekly meeting time suddenly jumped 10% up. Report showed that people spend an average of 10 hours per week with virtual conferencing tools. Problems faced by the event organizers are the difficulties to retain the virtual attendees and keeping the conversation going after the event. 

The Lack of Engagement & Social Elements

There is no doubt that virtual conference is a new opportunity, but it can’t be as effective as in-person conference. The distraction and screen fatigue is real. In fact, most of the virtual attendees tend to multitask and lose focus. The disconnection between virtual conferences and virtual attendees was due to the insufficient level of interaction and engagement as what’s in the in-person conference.

Sometimes, adding some creativity into strategic planning brings a different approach to your virtual conference, and creates a much bigger impact. To achieve your event goals, let’s see what are the common event planning mistakes and how to not lose your virtual attendees.

The Fastest Way To Lose Your Virtual Conference Attendees

  1. It is too costly.

The attendees probably looking forward to the connections and content they would have received at the in-person event. Your virtual audiences expect to receive the same value from the virtual conference that is worth the registration fee. 

Make sure you know your virtual attendees well by analysing the audience segments. Tailored the sessions with networking activities that match their interest. It would be incredibly valuable to have the recorded content on demand. After all, it will make sense for the rationale behind the price.

  1. It is just another Zoom meeting. 

An in-person conference does have a venue that offers face-to-face interaction. The virtual attendees do also need the event space they can always visit to check on the event details and agenda, review the keynote sessions and resources, visit the booth and connect with the representatives. 

That’s how the virtual event platform works. Partner with a trustable platform provider like a.c.e. They have structured an effective training program that offers guidance to the event organizers on the features implemented. They also provide 24/7 technical support and virtual assistance for recreating the live event experience.

  1. It has been a tiring day.

You can have unlimited virtual rooms on the virtual platform. However, in reality, your virtual attendees are sitting at the same place, staring at one screen the whole day long. There are emails notification and alerts. Plus, there might be kids at home. The exhaustion and distractions are killing. 

Survey and gauge your audiences’ value in the program and design the event agenda. Schedule multiple breaks for lunch, toilet, check on messages and networking with others.

  1. I can’t listen to the speakers.

Not to mention the virtual meetings, you even get frustrated if you are having a hard time hearing on the phone. Imagine when you trying to listen to the speakers that share some good stuff, and you end up in a half-listening and not getting the full value. Duh, you would not be going to join for the next round. 

The same thing happens to your virtual conference. Instead, simply run a soundcheck with all the speakers, suggest using a better quality microphone and confirm the good connectivity. 

  1. I can’t see others and I can’t talk to them.

At an in-person conference, people enjoy the moment where they can socialise, eat, drink and chat. The absence of live engagement elements caused a minimal exposure and networking value to the virtual event.

To tackle this challenge, focus on the key to driving meaningful connections. Integrate the virtual platform with live polls and Q&As, discussion board, business matching, and virtual meet-up. The attendees can chat with their friends, clients and leads via text, voice and video call. 

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