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The ultimate advice for every corporation’s event team

Corporate events may not be different, but definitely not the same.

Many businesses have switched to remote work and pack with the online meeting schedules. The screen time is markedly increased, causing eye strain, tiredness and has adverse mental fatigue in long run. Especially for a corporate event, the virtual format captures a short attention span of only eight seconds before they got distracted.

We know you know how to run events, and we know every single event owns its value. Seriously, there is no such thing as perfect. In striving for perfection, we can achieve excellence. Sometimes, you will just need to add a pinch of spice to your events and your audiences will just get wow.

a.c.e Core Value: Deliver WOW!

Back when mass gathering was prohibited, the event industry was hardly survived. The in-person events were either postponed or cancelled. Then, we have the virtual events, and now the hybrid events. Following the changes in the event industry, there were aspects in corporate event planning that should take into consideration as compared to regular event planning.

Questions To Ask The Corporation’s Event Team

  1. What is a corporate event?

It is a tool focusing on either the employees or clients, to educate of the brand promise, celebrate key milestones, mark organisational changes and build credibility to brand messages. 

  1. Why is it different from the public event?

A public event is funded by ticketing and sponsorship while a corporate event has its budget.

  1. Who is in the corporation’s event team? 

That’s you and your team!

  1. How to host a corporate event? 

The progress will break into 3 aspects which are the before, during and after. 

The pre-event planning is probably the most crucial part. You should understand what is your corporate event about and the key objectives. You should focus on the event settings that create expectations for the targeted attendees. With the goals in mind, you may decide the budget and determine the following arrangements such as event location, decorations, and marketing campaigns.

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. You should probably relate much more than others. Make sure everything planned is being set up during the event day. Don’t waste any of the resources! Also, a corporate event is a perfect bridge to build relationships and connections. Create fun and exciting elements like giveaways and social media buzz that offer networking opportunities to maximise the event experience.

The best way to lead to a successful event is the post-event follow up. Thanks for all the attendance by sending the email newsletter and survey. Collect event feedback from attendees to find out what’s went well and what’s needed to do better. Whatever good things we build end up building us. This action will bring you closer to hosting another superb event next time.

To every corporation’s event team who are reading this, no matter you are going to host physical, virtual or hybrid events, find our ultimate guidelines with more details here, download them and apply them to your upcoming events, and you’ll find the best works for you.

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