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Top 5 Fun Virtual Team Building Games in 2021

The work culture has dramatically changed in these few years. According to Global Workplace Analytics, the number of people who work from home has increased by 140% since 2005. Up to date, working from home has significantly become the new normal to ensure the safety and growth of the employees.

The remote working format brings benefits, in terms of flexible schedule and work-life balance, however, the distance is real. 

“58% of remote workers feel disconnected from their other co-workers, and 44% reported feeling more lonely and isolated while working from home.”

  • New York Times

With the remote office, the remote team loss the opportunity to casually bumped to each other at the pantry and make some small talk. The lack of connection and socialization may cause team conflict and misunderstanding. It may even reduce work productivity.

As a business owner, it is time for you to take an approach to spice the team spirit up.

Virtual Team Building

Team building is the most important investment for every company. It builds trust and credibility, encourages communication, and keeps the positive energy going. The games and activities engaged the team and drive a sense of community, which lead to positive company culture.

While it seemed like traveling to the office would be probably impossible in the near future, here we come the Virtual Team Building. Similar to an in-person event, this time we host it in an online format.

Ranging from icebreaker games to online games, the list is long. Be mindful when selecting the options that fit your company goals. To help you out, we have filtered them and sharing you…

Top 5 Fun Virtual Team Building Games

  1. Trivia Quiz

Duration: 15 minutes

Objective: Perfect for an icebreaker to create a friendly competition


  • Prepare questions related to Company history and culture.
  • Invite the players to, get everyone’s attention, and start the first question.
  • Set a timer for 15 to 20 seconds for each round.
  • An instant poll result is shared on-screen for each round.
  • Display the leaderboard with the top players at the end of the quiz.
  1. Color Scavenger Hunt

Duration: 20 minutes

Objective: To boost competitiveness and excitement


  • Compile a list of colors. To make it extra fun, add in a range of colors that match the event brand.
  • Moderator picks a color from the list and shows it on the screen to the team players. (Use the digital tool – Spin The Wheel for a random selection.)
  • Set the clock from 10 to 15 secs and get each player to go and find the items that match every color.
  • Every player has to show the camera the items they found. 
  • Count up the points for each round and the player with the highest point is the winner.
  • Switching turns when the time runs out.
  1. Read My Lips

Duration: 20 to 30 minutes

Objective: To active the company objectives and goals


  • Create a list of words or phrases based on the event theme.
  • One selected player has to mute the mic but the video is on.
  • The selected player mouths the word pick by the moderator.
  • The other players have one minute to figure out the message and type in the answer at chatbox.
  • The turn-taker can also give clues by using the chatbox, if necessary.
  • The point is given to the fastest player who guesses correctly for each round.
  • Switching turns when the time runs out.
  1. One-Two Clap

Duration: 20 to 30 minutes

Objective: To encourage a culture of teamwork 


  • The players in the virtual space have the specific seating arrangement set by the moderator.
  • While counting on the numbers from 1 onwards, the players have to replace multiples of 3 (number 3, 6, 9, etc.) with a clap.
  • Given a total point of 100, the players who failed to call out the number correctly will lose points
  1. BINGO!

Duration: 30 minutes

Objective: To encourage a culture of teamwork 


  • Players to prepare a paper and a pen.
  • Draw a table and filled up with the number from 1 to 50 randomly.
  • The moderator spins the fortune number wheel and announces the number picked.
  • The players can cross the grid square with the specific number on their paper.
  • Moderator will eliminate the number and start to spin the fortune number wheel to get a new number.
  • The first player to make 5 rows of crosses out of the table, wins.

Happy Hour

The fun Virtual Team Building games fill the gap and bring the team closer together. It is a great way to improve communications and increase work performance.

To gauge the effectiveness of your Virtual Team Building, it looks into the volume of conversations and how are they sharing across teams. Here comes the most looking forward session of the day: BLA-BLA-BLA! The Happy Hour is the incentive activity to align the remote team around Company’s vision and mission. More than anything, the integration of Virtual Team Building activities is essential to keep your event impactful. A platform like a.c.e is how we help you to track the engagement of each session as well as the automation of the whole event process.

So now, get ready and bond!

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