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Virtual Event Platform Checklist: 10 Things That You Should Not Miss Out

No matter it is a conference, workshop, product launching, or exhibition, an ideal venue ensures the smooth execution of the event. The same thing goes for a virtual event. The virtual venue must be the only event space to house all your online attendees and to deliver a delightful virtual experience. It comes to the result which your virtual attendees will be impressed with your company branding and awareness. 

Question: Where to host a virtual event?

Answer: The virtual event platform.

A virtual event platform can come in various sort of shapes and sizes. While there are too many virtual event platforms in the market, how do you ensure you have got the perfect virtual platform? 

NAHHH… Nothing is perfect, but we can make it better! Sending our appreciation to the market profs for so many references to update our knowledge and upgrade our virtual event platform, here we have summarized 10 key must-have features for you when selecting a virtual event platform.

1. User-friendly platform to ease the event entry

Technology is complicated. Imagine that your visitor has to jump from one tool to another tool, from registration to event attending. It’s challenging, yet time-consuming! As the organizer, you have to make sure the platform is easy to set up. At the same time, you have to make sure it is user-friendly for your attendees as you don’t wish to lose any of them. So, centralize your efforts by prioritizing the virtual platform that consists the user-friendly features such as registration and ticketing options. Your attendees do not have to check-in through a separate browser link. They can easily keep track of your event and log in to the platform.


2. Design

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

Design is the specification for your company identity. You need a solid platform that can input design in terms of color, fonts, and even elements. Bear in mind that every virtual experience is vital to strengthen your company awareness. Here’s a small tip for all organizers, a clean and simple interface and layout is preferred to have less distraction and keep people engaged in the online environment. 


3. The virtual features that meet the event goals

Every event type required a different kind of features in the virtual platform. Indeed, the features for a virtual conference and a virtual product launch are somehow different. 

  • A virtual conference requires a few breakout rooms for discussion.
  • A virtual product launch requires a sales button to hit revenue growth.
  • A virtual company dinner requires the lucky draw selection for entertainment activities. 

The user experiences might be different. Ask yourself, “Why are you having this virtual event? You want to deliver something knowledgeable, also to have fun together in your virtual event. Make most of your technology investment to look into what kind of customization options are fitted in the virtual platform and how flexible they are. Integrate the virtual platform with your organization branding to create a consistent experience for all your attendees. 


4. Virtual networking across the geographical boundaries

Your remote attendees hope to bring something informative back when attending your event, and you have to create the chances for them. Pay attention to the virtual platform that offers valuable connections to keep your attendees engaged in your virtual events. Networking tools like breakout rooms or chat rooms are good solutions to enrich the bonding between the attendees, moderators, and speakers even after the event. In addition, some platforms like a.c.e do offer the function to exchange contacts by just dropping the e-business cards to the person they are interested in. It’s is important to go for a platform that your attendees can have live video calls. This way, you can replicate the “face-to-face” interaction to your virtual event.


5. The virtual environment approach engagement and excitement

As you may know that people nowadays might be drained with multiple Zoom meetings & video calls throughout a day while working from home. There is no limit to what can distract your attendees at home, people may have lesser attention on-screen and easily get “Zoom-fatigue”. So when it comes to choosing an interactive platform, include the features such as Q&As, live polling, quizzes, and surveys will definitely leverage the seamless experience for your virtual attendees. These integrations are a brilliant idea, especially for introverted attendees.


6. Onsite & Online Help Centre

Will the virtual event platform provider provide you the onboarding process? 

Will the virtual event platform provider support you with the event setup?

Will the virtual event platform provider sending support during event day?

How is the overall virtual event management by the virtual event platform provider?

There are so many minor factors that can fail your virtual event. For instance, power outage, bad internet connection, server down. For that reason, make sure you have the on-demand support team for any possible tech problems. Besides, the support team acts as an important role to assist and comfort your virtual attendees with the live chat support feature within the platform.


7. Branding and Sponsorship Opportunities

90% of marketing leads plan to invest in virtual and hybrid events in 2020 (Bizzabo, 2020)

Do not waste any possibilities to increase your virtual event value. The virtual event platform is the virtual venue to offer virtual sponsorships. Create different strategies for your sponsors by offering an in-app sponsor page, personalized CTA button as well as e-banner ads, that allow your sponsors to showcase their mission, products, and branding. These can also benefit you as an organizer to build new partnerships and to reconnect with your clients. In addition, this might be a way for you to monetize your virtual event. Increase the exhibitors’ value by allowing your exhibitors to customize their virtual booth to display their company branding. Your sponsors can also utilize the platform by having sponsor booths.


8. Data Analytics and Event Insights

The success rate of the virtual event can be determined by real-time analytics. The type of data you can capture in the virtual event platform includes the duration of each booth, the download rate of documents, the interaction rate of each exhibitor, and so on. These give you the insights to make improvement for your future event, in terms of contents, targeted audience, preferred speakers, and more. You should also know how secure will the data collected in the virtual event platform be as the organizer bear the responsibility to protect the private information entrusted by your virtual attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. 


TAKE NOTE! The following features are important for you to integrate into your virtual event platform. Continue reading and you’ll know why.

9. Simultaneous Interpretation

As we have mentioned, a virtual event is one of the best channels to expose your company branding to a global level. While virtual events bring the new norm in the market, engaging a simultaneous interpretation fosters the efficient business, especially with international companies. With the aid of simultaneous interpreters, your virtual event can break the language barriers to deliver multilingual conversations. This innovative service provides quick, qualified, and accurate translation in real-time offering a clear understanding of topics and contents. 

Interpreting is a difficult task. There are two different types of event translation inclusive of live simultaneous interpretation and remote simultaneous interpretation. If you wish to know more about the differences between both of the services and how they work, drop us a message and our virtual event specialist will reach you soon.


10. Gamification

Video game usage has increased in the year of pandemic. The event experts have utilized their creativity to apply game mechanics to the virtual event platform. Gamification allows the attendees to complete a series of challenges in the platform and receive points. To make it more fun and competitive, you can use a leaderboard and give prizes. It is a brilliant way to keep everyone engaged, improve networking opportunities and boost session attendance. Even better, include your sponsors’ branding into the event app gamification to create a sense of value for their investment. 


More & more features are coming out…

Can my virtual platform have it all? Yes! However, the platform might be overwhelming and confusing. Therefore, choose wisely on the virtual event platform based on your event needs and requirements. A good tech provider will provide you the fitness plan and management services to get everything set up. Make a list of potential platform providers and ask questions about their offers. Most importantly, works with the one that makes you feel comfortable. You’ll finally find the smooth transition for the whole event planning process.

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