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What To Do When Your Corporate Physical Event Is Forced To Be Cancelled Or Postponed?

Physical events are coming back, but hygiene measures remain the top of mind due to the high risk of infection. 

In a time of digital revolution for the event industry, event postponement or cancellation is never an option for every event organiser. Of course, most corporates organised physical events before and then they experience the fun of virtual events. The findings of virtual events are powerful and satisfying. 

Transition to Endemic

After nearly two years of battling the pandemic, Malaysia is entering the “Transition to Endemic” phase. The corporate physical events are bouncing back. 

Following the PM’s announcement, there is good news for every event organiser – the 50% capacity limit for event venues is forbidden. However, organisers are encouraged to continue imposing physical distancing rules. Honestly, the future is unpredictable. Nobody will know if there is a sudden “u-turn”.

What to do when your corporate physical event is forced to be cancelled or postponed? 

There’s always a way out, all you have to do is take it. That’s the reason why virtual events are here to stay with the upsurge of hybrid events.

Physical, virtual and hybrid events are three different formats. Do not treat virtual or hybrid events like physical events. Shifting from one to one, you have to restructure the experiences. Let’s explore what you can do and how to get things done.

Rather than a physical location, you shall move your event to a virtual platform. The role of event digital tools is getting mature and sophisticated. The features should be prioritized based on the event goals and objectives. 

  • The Plenary Hall for conferences.
  • The Virtual Booth for exhibitions.
  • The E-Banner for branding and sponsor opportunities.
  • The Briefcase for education purposes.
  • The Gamification for engagement.
  • The Live Chat, either text, video or voice call for networking.
  • The live Q&A and Polling sessions for interactions. 
  • The Technical team for onsite support as well as online assist.

In addition to the technical elements, you should also focus on the event planning progress, from promotion, execution to analysis. Targeting the right participants at the right time with the right channels will bring higher conversion rates. Don’t forget to have a clear call-to-action button, such as “Sign Up” and “Buy Now” to ease the registration process. An attractive virtual world is a plus to optimise unique experiences.

Just to let you know, we are starting, or have already seen the emergence of hybrid events. For corporates, you may find that hybrid events work better and are more beneficial.

Still, the journey is a guessing game. At a.c.e, you can always swift your corporate physical event to hybrid or fully virtual style with the free-administration event services. On top of that, get ready for your future-proof big win.

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