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Why Corporate Should Organize Hybrid Events NOW?

If not now, then when?

You might be familiar with some of the events we had organized since the pandemic: IMKL 2020, IMKL 2021, Perodua Annual Virtual Conference 2021, Perodua Starclub Virtual Conference 2021… The results are obvious, they are all successful.

Every hybrid event shares common values in terms of reach, engagement, and immersion. Over the past 12 months, we collected surveys and received 87% of positive feedback from our participants and the organizers on the hybrid form of event. Most of the attendees are more than happy to attend the next hybrid event. Well, that’s the reason we have our returned clients to host their second, third, fourth hybrid events with a.c.e

Hybrid Events Are Rewarding!

Hybrid events are gaining more and more popularity in the event industry due to their main advantage. It consists of the physical and virtual aspects where both worlds can connect with each other on the same agenda. Truly, hybrid events are winning!  With all the case studies we have, let’s dig a little deeper into why corporate should organize hybrid events now.

To name them, we have the term here: HIGH

  1. H for High Sustainability

The hybrid event, as known as the green event, greatly reduce the need for physical travel and cut down the use of plastic materials and paper materials. It has lowered the carbon footprint, create an environmentally-friendly event.

  1. I for Improved Efficiency

Hybrid events respond effectively in time, geography, resources, cost, weather, environmental crises and more. The seamless integration of features on the hybrid event platform such as Q&A, live polling, and two-way chat offers networking opportunities for the onsite attendees to connect with the virtual attendees.

  1. G for Globally Attendance

Events nowadays ain’t not going fully physical or fully virtual but in the hybrid format. It eases the registration process and attendance. You may also promote your event via social media channels that increase event awareness. The valuable knowledge shared in the hybrid event allows you to expand your markets across the region. There is no doubt that hybrid is the future for corporate as it is productive and help boost successful business growth.

  1. H for Hugh Data Obtained

If you have never hosted a hybrid event before, you will be surprised by the backend of the hybrid event platform. The post-event report provides massive trackable metrics which is hard in counting during a physical event. The analytics provide insights for future learning purposes in terms of content optimization and market identification.

Should we thank the COVID-19 that opening up a new chance for the event industry?

Hybrid events become the major marketing strategy for the corporate. The impact brought by the pandemic lead us to see the true potential of hybrid events and now, we have more engaging ways to enjoy the fun part of events.

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