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Why Hosting A Hybrid Event On Your Own Isn’t The Best Choice For You, Yet Could Be The Worst Decision Ever?

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Previously, we discussed What NOT To Do When Running A Hybrid Event. So, is a hybrid event a virtual event or a physical event? If you still get confused, read it again, get some ideas from there, then only you come back to us here.

Talking about hybrid events, the perfect combination opens a brand new world to innovative evaluation for industries. Needless to say that we are familiar with the hybrid format of events after a few years of working in the event industry, neither physical nor virtual. As event planners, the needs of both physical and virtual audiences are different and the plannings are complicated. How can you comfort both audiences while making your good hybrid event a great event? Definitely, you can host your hybrid event on your own, but I am warning you that you might make your “good” hybrid event the worst event ever. 

The Magic Makers At Scientex 50th Anniversary Dinner 

In the year 2018, Scientex was celebrating its 50th Anniversary and it is honoured for a.c.e to be part of the wonderful festivity. Scientex 50th Anniversary Dinner was a very large-scale dinner to accommodate up to 1000 pax of local and international guests to dine together. We invited the local singer Gary and the emcee Owen Yap. One thing we would like to highlight for that event is that we had like 100ft full curve LED panoramic screen in the grand ballroom of Shangri-La, and that’s the reason we were first known as the Magic Makers. That night was a perfect memory.

Is hosting a hybrid event on your own the best choice or the worst decision ever?

Since then, we have always aligned within our team and revisited our core values to transform the impossible possible. Successful events require more than execution, from the stage of preparation, planning, and producing to following up. In planning a hybrid event, everything doubles up. In fact, it is effective and empowering, yet hybrid event management is quite concerning. Therefore, before organizing a hybrid event on your own, you should have to ask yourself the following three questions.

  1. How to meet your event objectives? 

Every corporate event has its specific goals and the event planners bring you to achieve your goals. For hybrid events, you want to reach a wider range of audiences, offer a higher value, build relationships and generate leads. This is where hybrid event planners shine. They can always leverage your event with the right tools, match the right themes, and curate the content to create a memorable experience for your events. You will have an event that people will be talking about for months and even years.

  1. How to plan your hybrid event without stress? 

There is no doubt that hybrid event planning is overwhelmingly stressful. There are too many details and knowledge involved. 

  • Where to organize the event? 
  • How to get the best virtual event platform and what are some technologies in use? 
  • Who is involved in the hybrid event management team? 
  • How many cameras does a hybrid event need?
  • How to create an engaging agenda?

Well, the experienced hybrid event planners will know the whole event workflow and make sure your production is on a timeline. They are organized and attentive to details. They will arrange all things accordingly and run your event smoothly. 

One of the biggest challenges of hybrid event management is to follow the local event requirements. Well, you can leave it to your event planners as they guarantee these regulations in terms of venue capacity and hygiene standard operating procedure. All you have to do is just continue to focus on other minor things, get your suit ready and enjoy the evening.

  1. How to stick to your budget?

Many people believe that hiring a hybrid event planner is incredibly expensive. Eventually, the professionals will reduce your costs with their strong network of vendors. We know that to produce a hybrid event that connects both worlds of audiences, you will need higher expenses for arranging video, audio, venue, branding, technology, speakers and resources. Therefore, hiring a dedicated hybrid event professional will be your best investment. They will strategize and allocate your event budget based on your event goals. They will make use of their established connections and give you better deals.

Balancing is key In everything you do!

All in all, dealing with the different needs of both online and offline audiences, that’s us as the event planners to fulfil the work-life demands and create a flawless hybrid event. It always makes sense to hire a hybrid event management team because the hybrid event could be chaotic. Making a wise move will make your life easier.

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