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Why Hybrid AGM is Good for Investor Relations?

“I suggest keeping the investment in virtual AGM for the following years.” – CEO of a Public-Listed-Company

If you wonder who said that, so sorry that we can’t tell you, but we can tell you the insider reasons behind it.

Advanced Technology in Event Industry

Digital tools had markedly transformed the industry and most organizations were fully embraced the pandemic challenges by transforming in-person events to online events. We have seen abundant evidence of successful virtual events, such as virtual conferences and virtual meetings for almost three years. Being no exception, virtual annual general meetings have now become the most preferred option for conducting an AGM with excellent results, for all parties like businesses and shareholders. 

People Like On-Ground AGM.

People used to say NO to the virtual AGM because on-ground AGM is too delightful. Before, shareholders could enjoy the face-to-face interactions with the industry leaders, have direct conversations with the company’s insiders, receive a door gift and get a free meal. Rather than just a not-impressed video sharings, the shareholders are looking for highly valuable, insightful and educational live sessions. 

While unforeseen by some, digital tools do a pretty good job in investor relations.

Why Hybrid AGM is Good for Investor Relations?

Now that people are comfortable with the virtual event platform, and on-ground settings are coming back. Time to think about the hybrid format.

Let your shareholders decide themselves, that’s how hybrid AGM works perfectly for investor relations. Understand that there is travel restriction, testing requirements and quarantine rules, the hybrid AGM offers the global shareholders’ participation. Regardless of the devices and locations, it is more accessible for you to build up your connections virtually or in-personly. With the increased attendance and greater engagement, hybrid resulted in improved ROI.

Hybrid AGM has now become a popular method with its flexibility, inclusivity, diversity, security, and sustainability. 

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