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Why Is It So Important To Boost Team Morale & How?

People are definitely the greatest asset of the company. No matter what product are you selling.

In the dynamic business world, things keep changing rapidly. We may naturally think that change is a bad thing and it’s scary. A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. Try to look into the oppositive way. Change is good, especially in business.

Going back to 2019, our lives were basically 9 to 5. Covid changed everything. But you know what? Remote working has been an overwhelming success across companies. Today, the hybrid model has transformed the working culture whereby the employees could decide to work either virtually or in-personly. 

This kind of change does not frighten, yet the ability to embrace the changes brings more opportunities that lead to success for businesses. Organizations become more adaptable, flexible, and innovative. It also boosts development in relationships, markets and revenue.

With the growth of the company, one thing that must not be forgotten is to always create a happy working environment and maintain a positive company culture. Well, remote working is beneficial, the fact is that the team may show less satisfaction with a lower sense of belonging. 

The skillset of their employees accounts for 85% of the company’s assets. The importance of human resources has never been more necessary. Therefore, a wise leader should well know that workplace recognition motivates, letting the employees feel valued for their contributions. Here are the top 4 reasons to boost team morale now.

  1. For effective communication.

Encouraging communication between the employees makes them feel comfortable expressing themselves at work. Your employees should be able to speak up during meetings, work together to gain new ideas and share feedback for improvement.  

The best way to create a culture of open communication is to be transparent when presenting your company’s vision, missions, core values and goals. Share the objectives behind each statement. The team should have a better understanding of the company’s directions and their expectations from the company. They would more likely to drive their engagement and visualise the career success aligning with the company’s success.

  1. For healthy teamwork.

Businesses move forward when the team shared the common goals and works together to achieve them. Team building promotes problem-solving skills, and fosters creativity and learning. Some activities you could organise like scavenger hunts, sports activities, short trips or as simple as a team lunch, birthday celebrations and happy hours. If you have remote workers, you could have a virtual meet-up and virtual trivia games. The moments would be enjoyable and at the same time, boost team relationships and promote positive team morale.

  1. For higher productivity.

A company without a positive work environment would make the employees feel undervalued and unappreciated, causing lower morale, and loss of faith in leadership to the extent of higher turnover. 

One of the most effective ways to make the employees feel appreciated is just simple. The act of saying “thank you” or simply identifying for their hard work to show that you care about their work. It helps boost employee confidence and morale right away. Plus, setting up an employee recognition program with incentives applied could be a good idea to boost productivity. When the employees are rewarded, they know they deserve the recognition, be more engaged and have a better performance in the workplace, resulting in better employee satisfaction.

  1. For overall well-being.

A good health-and-wellness program should be part of the HR strategy, by assessing each employee’s needs and aligning with their goal of work experience. In the workplace, some of the common programs are fitness activities, community service activities, and stress management talks. Organizations are also suggested to create comprehensive employee development plans. Some effective methods are training, mentoring, coaching, and workshops. 

Physical and mental health is rather important, especially amongst the younger generations, “millennials” and “Generation Z”. Implementing those programs would be beneficial for work-life balance, reducing absenteeism, and improving morale.

Team morale is high only when there is a healthy work environment and it needs to be constantly measured throughout the long journey. Of course, there’s a time to be serious, but not all the time. Some care and love within the team would just make more sense to keep morale high. 

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