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Why Your Business Should Run A Virtual Year-End Party NOW?

“We have no choice, but to cancel the year-end party this year…”

“What? Again?”

The Malaysian government had announced that the official government and private events, including launches, workshops, and exhibitions are allowed in Phase Two and Phase Three states. All the guests are requested to be fully vaccinated while occupying a certain capacity allowance at the event venue. 

While most of the companies are slowly back to the life of work-from-office (WFO), yet most of us have remained unclear for the SOPs. To make sure the safety of the employees, there are companies considering extending the work-from-home (WFH). 

Eventually, there is a relationship between WFH, employees engagement, and productivity. The feeling of anxiety is real among the employees due to the unclear vision for post-pandemic work, causing the reduction in job satisfaction and work performance.

What is a Virtual Year-End Party?

A virtual event is an organized meet-up that involves people interacting in an online environment rather than in a physical location. It was not limited only to business events like meetings, conferences, and webinars for the corporates. It can be a party or a gala night for the employees to get a chance to rest and spend a relaxing time with their co-workers. The Virtual Year End Party is a celebration that is hosted virtually to get together with the team.

When talking about a year-end party, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? 

  1. Dressing Up
  2. The Buffet & Bar
  3. Contests & Prizes
  4. Photobooth Session

Indeed, all of these are just the basic ingredients of the virtual year-end party. This year has proven that virtual events have brought down the barriers to running live events. It may sound a little unreal but very true. The Virtual Year End Party is bringing beyond the company needed from a virtual event.

Why Your Business Should Run a Virtual Year-End Party Now?

For organizations and corporations, a year-end party is a significant and the most looking forward event along the year. The worst thing is, the year-end party was not involved in the strategic plan to reactivate the desired goals. One of the industry leading across the region, we determined that any celebration is here to remain. Here are some top reason why your business should run a virtual virtual year-end party now.

  1. Everyone to recall and remain their youthful spirit.

The virtual year-end party is the key to boosting the positive company vibe and morale, after undergoing a high-stress environment. Having some interactive fun and entertainment is the effective way to strengthen the team. Through a series of planned team building activities, teams get to know each others better and build skills like communication, managing, and problem-solving. They are more excited to come into work, feeling refreshed and energized. It is also a great approach to spark creativity and generate new ideas for work.

  1. Enthusiasm is contagious, give recognition.

Emotion is what drives outcomes. Committing to regularly work schedules and workload can be boredom. Teams might lose motivation, causing procrastination in productivity. 68% of HR professionals said that their recognition programs positively impact employee retention. This virtual year-end party is the key to keeping the employees engaged and motivated by receiving praise and recognition for their contribution and achievement. Giving awards to the team members who have performed well is the fairest way to appreciate their efforts throughout the year. It is also promoting healthy competition to inspire the team to greater heights.

  1. Bridging gap and being playful.

The inhibited physical interactions were what people are extremely craving for after a few years of social distancing. Today, the communication went online and the world is more than familiar with online communication tools as well as virtual events. Most of us work remotely. This virtual year-end party is the key to giving the employees pleasant hours to have all the leaders, and co-workers interact with each other. One of the keys to diminish this gap between leadership and employees is to set the theme of the party so that everyone can have a desirable tone during the party. Socializing is the key in workplace to increase productivity, as the relationships seem to be more comfortable and make the workplace more enjoyable.

Personalize Your Virtual Year-End Party!

Alternatively, the virtual year-end party is not a video call, it is a way for the employees for being seen, valued, and heard. You are not Thanos. You can’t snap your fingers and your company becomes so lively like how it used to be, but you can reactivate it by taking your action. 

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