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Invest Malaysia Kuala Lumpur (IMKL)

In general, a conference is a formal meeting of several people, often lasting a few days, to discuss a particular topic to bring together people who have a common interest. It gathers the intellectuals from a wide range of professions with different backgrounds or even countries. In the urge to build a wide connection, a conference is a good place for meeting people that you haven’t connect in a while.

Most conferences have one or more keynote speakers to deliver the keynote speeches based on the theme. When you are attending a conference, you definitely may learn something new outside your fields. And of course, you can also get career advice to extend your business development.

Themed ‘Malaysia: Sustainable at the Core’, IM2016 is designed to evoke conversation around Malaysia’s competitive position as a leading emerging market and the opportunities arising from Malaysia‘s unique position of strength entering the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), The Belt and Road Initiative, Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and an active proponent of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Conference must be BORING? Why do people attend conference? Let’s a.c.e tell you why! Looks how fun is the Invest Malaysia (IMKL) by Bursa Malaysia and Maybank.

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