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Maybank Durian Event

If you are not a durian lover, that's okay, we're still friend.

The King of Fruits.

The Mother of fruits in the world. Durian is something special, from the shape of it to the taste of the flesh. The durian comes in all shapes and sizes. It is thorny covered with yellowish flesh and strong smell. The durian season takes place from April to August every year and it’s the time where we can get the fresh creamy durian everywhere in Malaysia. Durian can be the best in the world. Some people love it, yet it can be the worst as some people hate it like they never do!

In 2018, Maybank had organized the Maybank Durian Event to gather all the durian lovers to fix their crave and enjoy the durian feast. Take a few seconds to enjoy the video below! If you are craving for durian, go and grab it now!

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