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TikTok Influencer Meet & Greet Party

A high profile public figure triggers the best results for your event. Can you imagine meeting your favorite celebrity at a Meet and Greet party where you can get closer to them? It is the best timing for you to have a chance to chat with them, ask questions, and take photos like you ever dreamed of!

TikTok has millions of global users across 150 countries. There are videos of dancing, singing, acting, arts, and more. Without a doubt, this social media platform had attracted a large number of local creators, celebrities, influencers, and artists in Malaysia to share creative content. In order to gather the Malaysian creators and apps users, TikTok had organized the TikTok Influencer Meet & Greet Party and invited some guests on stage to share their experiences with the TikTok app. The creators were also showcasing the features and knowledge for the attendees.

The brilliant event marked another achievement and milestone for a.c.e’s production expertise. Watch the video below and find out all the celebrities!

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