Since 2022, a.c.e has had the honor of partnering with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to organize a series of impactful team-building events. These events, held annually, aimed to foster team cohesion and synergy among BCG’s staff. Over the past two years, a total of 10 team-building events were executed, each hosting 100 to 200 participants. The events alternated between indoor activities in prestigious Malaysian hotels and dynamic outdoor activities in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Team Cohesion: Strengthen the bonds among BCG team members.
  2. Engagement: Create an engaging and enjoyable experience for participants.
  3. Learning: Incorporate activities that promote skill development and collaboration.
  4. Memorable Experiences: Provide an opportunity for the BCG team to explore Malaysian attractions.


Each team-building event was meticulously planned, featuring a blend of indoor and outdoor activities. Facilitators were strategically chosen to guide participants through team-building exercises, ensuring a balance of fun and learning. Station games, carefully curated to align with BCG’s values, were a staple, promoting teamwork and problem-solving.

  1. Station Games Variety: a.c.e ensured an engaging experience with a diverse array of activities. From strategic challenges to high-energy games, we curated a mix that kept everyone entertained and motivated. This commitment to variety elevated the overall team-building experience, fostering enthusiasm and camaraderie among Boston Consulting Group participants.
  2. Goodies Bag Management: Every participant received a curated Goodies Bag, including essential items like a pen, disposable raincoat, mineral water, and bread. The inclusion of these items aimed to enhance the overall participant experience.
  3. Competition and Rewards: Teams competed in various challenges, with the top-performing teams receiving complimentary hampers. This not only added a competitive edge but also motivated participants to collaborate effectively.
  4. Attractions Exploration: As a part of the team-building experience, BCG team members had the chance to explore the cultural and scenic attractions of Malaysia, fostering a sense of camaraderie outside the office environment.
  5. Media Sharing: Post-event, Ace Events shared a comprehensive collection of photos and a highlight video, encapsulating the memorable moments and achievements of each team-building event.


The impact of these team-building events on BCG’s team dynamics and morale has been substantial. Feedback from participants consistently highlighted increased collaboration, improved communication, and a stronger sense of belonging within the organization.

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming team-building event in January 2024, a.c.e is committed to continuing the tradition of delivering exceptional experiences for Boston Consulting Group. We look forward to building on the success of past events, tailoring activities to meet evolving team dynamics, and creating lasting memories for the BCG team. Let’s embark on another year of growth, camaraderie, and success together!

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